New Range ''COMFORT PLUS'' Lawnmowers

Machines for Home Users caring for Larger Size Lawns with Steel deck.

Look the Technical Features:  LR44-PK COMFORT PLUS    LR44-PB COMFORT PLUS    LR48-PK COMFORT PLUS  
Features of COMFORT PLUS lawnmower models:
  • plastic and fabric grass catcher;
  • wheels with new design and tread profile, mounted on bearings for smoother running of the machine;
  • independent cutting height adjustable on each wheel or centralised adjustment for self-propelled models;
  • ergonomic clutch and engine brake levers to ensure a secure grip and easy operation at all times;
  • standard mulching blade to chop clippings into fine fragments, reducing their volume in the 70 litre grass catcher;
  • discharge closing plug to convert the machine to mulch-only operation, available as an optional extra for models 48 and 53. Thanks to this system the grass is repeatedly shredded into a superfine particulate that is spread evenly over the turf. 

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