The Products and Accessories catalogues have been completely updated with new graphics and extended with a string of new products: lawnmower models, attachments for brushcutter and a line of protective clothing for forestry applications.

Two catalogues are published for Efco: the Products catalogue for gardening, agriculture and forestry, designed to meet the needs of homeowners and groundcare specialists alike; the Accessories catalogue extends the offering of accessories and adds a line of protective clothing.

Both catalogues have been completely revised in terms of layout and graphics, with new images and easily-recognisable features for faster and more practical consultation.
The catalogues present a host of new products and features, all sharing the same hallmark high standards in terms of quality, performance, reliability, practicality and safety, including newly released lawnmowers and brushcutters and a line of protective clothing. 
The new products:
Look the Technical Features:

Look the Technical Features:

Catalogue Products Efco 2016  Catalogue Products Efco 2016  (14.524,76 Kb)
Catalogue Accessories Efco 2016  Catalogue Accessories Efco 2016  (10.107,94 Kb)

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