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Rotary tillers for intensive use

Designed for vegetable and flower gardens, or smallholdings, these models feature an excellent combination of easy handling, strength, durability and superior performance. Compact and lightweight, they allow problem-free tillage even in confined spaces or around low vegetation.

•Reinforced chain guard withstands flying stones and accidental impact.
•Ergonomically designed levers and selectors all within easy reach, ensuring constant control of the machine when in motion.
•Fully adjustable handlebars for more comfortable operation on any type of soil.
•With handlebars in the offset position, the operator can walk to one side without treading on the tillage area.
•The front wheel, used for transport purposes, can be raised when the machine is in operation and engaging the soil.
•Models have a reverse gear to facilitate manoeuvres and help reposition the machine correctly during tillage operations.
MZ 2090 RXS
Honda  ToughTech  ToughTech  Honda 
Engine make/model Honda GX 160 OHV Displacement 163 cm³
Gearbox 1 forward speed + 1 reverse Rotor 3+3 blades - 80 cm with protection discs
Handlebars fully adjustable
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