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Battery-powered brushcutter for home use

The Efco battery-powered brushcutter is perfect for cutting back the grass around the home and for lawn edge trimming. The versatility of this tool is due to the telescopic adjustment system and reduced weight, making it ideal for all types of home use.

•Cutting head adjustable to 2 positions for high precision use also as an edge-trimmer.
•Telescopic shaft for easy transport and to adjust working height on the basis of your stature.
•Loop handle land ergonomic grip for operator comfort.
•Battery position designed for optimal balance of the tool.
•Throttle trigger lockout to guarantee the maximum operator safety.
•Reduced diameter single line head for access to confined spaces.
DS 2000 Li-Ion
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Compatible batteries BA 2.6 Ah / BA 4 Ah Charging time 90 min
Motor type Brush No load motor speed 7500 rpm
Shaft arm diameter 25.4 mm
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